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"Economy Self Storage is in the storage business and our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the fastest solution of quality storage and the most competitive prices.”

New Units

Economy Self Storage offers brand new storage units made with the highest contruction standards used today.


Economy Self Storage storage facilites are built around the benefit of storage containers that are no longer sustainable for shipping container usage. Instead of scraping these containers, Economy Self Storage, as an eco-friendly company, refurbish these units for excellent quality storage.


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Storage Units


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Frequently Asked Questions

What size storage units do you offer?

Economy Self Storage offers brand new 8' x 20' non-climate controlled clean storage units with 146 sq/ft of floor space.

Do you accept cash for rental payments?

For your convenience, Economy Self Storage requires a credit card which is billed at the start of each monthly rental period.

When do I have access to my storage unit?

Our clients can access our facility 24 hours a day and 7 day a week. Great for contruction and landscapers who need that early or late access to there equipment storage.

Do you offer insurance plans for my stored items?

Sorry not as this time. Although insurance is not required by Economy Self Storage, we do highly recommend it for your peace of mind. Check with your home owner insurance to see if they can help.

What do I need to end the rental contract?

Economy Self Storage requires ten days notice upon vacating the unit. All units must be left clean and undamaged upon the end of the rental contract.

What am I not allowed to store in a storage unit?

Economy Self Storage forbids the storage of any hazardous materials - this would include anything which is flamable or may explode, including weapons, and/or illegal substances. Animals, plants or any other living item are also not permitted. Economy Self Storage reserves the right to limit any item it feels is unsafe for storage at our faciltiy. If you are not sure let us know your concern.

Do you provide locks?

If you do not have your own lock, Economy Self Storage does offer two different types of suitable locks that can be purchased at a reasonable cost.

Do you offer vehicle storage space?

Sorry, Economy Self Storage does not offer vehicle storage space at this time.